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We value our patients' experience at South Hill Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Phillip Padelford


Joanne B.

"Over 20 years ago, I was in a car accident, at a time when I was on oxygen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I thank God for that accident, as I probably would not have gone to see Dr. Padelford. I had already given up hope of doing things I loved in life because of the oxygen. I started seeing Dr. Padelford for 2-3 months when I noticed I was able to go without oxygen for periods of time. Then, I was able to walk the mall, which was good, and in less than a year, I could walk the mall without any oxygen at all."

"It brought tears to my eyes as well as hers when she told me of walking in the mall again." .......Phillip M. Padelford, D.C.

Joann's Testimonial

"Several years ago I went to bed and heard and felt a crack in my back. I lay there all night and in the morning I could not get out of bed as I could neither sit up nor move my legs. My husband, Larry, carried me in to see Dr. Padelford. As he did his work I could feel things changing in my body and when he got me up off the table I walked over for x rays with Madeline by picking up my legs. My legs were going up high and out. Then Dr. P. worked some more on me that day and when he was done I could actually walk! I could sit down and lay down! It was a miracle. This is a short but meaningful story!"

"Then in October of 2013 I broke seven vertebrae. I was in terrific pain and again Dr. P. helped me the first time I went in. Some of the pain went away as a result of his work. The second time I went in all of the pain went away! I do not know how to describe the terrible pain that I felt but I can say how much he helped me. He put forces onto the areas that were causing my pain that somehow took away the horrible sensations. I would not be here without Dr. Padelford!"

"I could go on and on about what Dr. P. has done for so many folks like the time a man came in with Parkinson’s. I offered to get him a drink of water. When he took the glass he spilled water all over. One week later I saw him again and he could take the glass of water up to his mouth and drink without spilling. He said he’d been that way since Dr. P. worked with him the week before! Another time I saw how Stephanie, who had been in a coma and could not walk or talk so you could understand her, walk out of the office after two months of treatment with Dr. P. So many stories…"

George Eiseman’s Testimony Light Therapy

"George was amazed at how fast the redness and sores on the left side of his face and the top of his head healed after he took Infrared Light Therapy as prescribed by Dr. Phil Padeford. After years of sun damage 88 year old George Eiseman went to a dermatologist in November and was following the treatments but everyone noticed that nothing seemed to help. Then in January when he started the Light Therapy treatments “within 36-72 hours” he said with astonishment, “my skin healed up!”"

"After being born into an immigrant family in Eastern Washington on a dry land wheat farm when school got out in May he would spend the summers farming with a team of horses out under the hot sun."

"Unfortunately over the years his skin and the tips of his ears became very red and hot – so much so that it became unbearable and he sought treatment. Now, after this amazing light therapy series of sessions George says he will wear a hat that covers the tips of his ears when he works outside!"

Joann's Testimonial about Chuckle

"Chuckle broke his leg when he was just a four month old puppy. I took him to the vet who said when he saw the leg just hanging there he could either cut it off or I could pay to have it put it back together so we paid a whole lot! Then, as a consequence, Chuckles leg bothered him throughout his whole life and he had a hard time walking. One time I could see that he was in a great deal of pain so I took him into see Dr. Padelford who put forces into the broken leg. After that appointment, Chuckles, who had not run around in years ran all over the office. He was so excited that he came running back into me. The response was so immediate that I continued to take him in to see Dr. P. every time I could see that he was starting to have pain again. I could not believe how amazing it was! It’s like Dr. P. could do a miracle every time I took Chuckle in. Eventually he got to be so old that we had to put him down. I sure do miss that dog!"

Laura Heberle’s Testimonial

"Laura, whose spine was broken at L5 as a result of being born with Spinal Bifida (a birth defect), says, “Working with Dr. P. feels better than meds!” Because of this condition much of her back muscle was missing and slowly the muscle has been replaced as a result of Dr. P’s visits over the last 30 years. She had a hernia all down the right side of her spinal column and multiple surgeries by the time she was 7. Her father, who frequently jogs, was seeing Dr. P. for another issue and told Laura about how his pain was decreased and was jogging again so Laura went in for a 1st visit and consultation. She came in using a wheel chair and could not feel her legs, but, after 18 months with Dr. P., many of her muscles were rebuilt! She felt pain relief after working with him for just one week. In the early part of her therapy she went in for treatments twice a week, then once a week and now once or twice a month. With greater neurological function, she can walk and her shoe size has increased by 3! She is in less pain and says, “He knows how to get rid of it!” Plus she can stand for longer periods of time. When asked, “Do you recommend Dr. P. to others you know who mention having symptoms similar to yours or others?” She said, “YES! Dr. P. is better than any other doc in the area. I wish they were all like him because he listens and pays attention. I’ll tell him my muscle tissue hurts and he gets right to it with his percussion machine etc.” Now I can enjoy my internet time on face book and games like Farmville better!”"

Joann's Testimonial

"In 1990 I was diagnosed with COPD and told that I had five years to live. Later that year I was in a car accident and as I was driving by Dr. Padleford's office one day while using oxygen I decided to stop in and see if he could help me. My breathing got better and I could walk around the house for the first time in ages. After seeing Dr. P for about three months I was able to go outside and sit on the porch without wearing oxygen. And within less than a year I was only wearing oxygen for about two hours before bed and at night. I even started to walk around Soouth Hill mall without oxygen although I would take the oxygen out with me as a precautionary measure. That was amazing!"

"Then I broke my back and couldn't walk. My legs were going out from the side from the knees down and I needed the help of two people. So I went back to Dr. P. and after just two minutes of his help I could actually walk back to the x-ray room with the help of just Madeline, one of his employees. Dr. P. put on more pressure and again I walked out of the office. I can't explain how amazing that was."

"In April of 2007 again I was in the hospital with pneumonia and my lung condition. They put me into an induced coma so I can't remember much but after sixteen days I came out of the coma and could not move my feet, I could not move my legs and I could barely move my fingers. I could not even pick up a fork so I had to feed myself with my fingers. Dr. P. came in to see me and put one finger on my knee and one on the back of my right shoulder. That night I was able to sit on the edge of the bed and the next day I got out of bed and walked to the rest room!"
"My sister in law came out from Michigan for a visit during this time and while we were driving to my appointment I asked her to tell me if there was a difference in my breathing before I went in to see Dr. P. and when I came out. She said she could definitely hear the difference so I was convinced that what he was doing was really helping me make progress.
Then in Dec 2013 I was in the hospital because I broke my back, 14 vertebras and cracked a disk. Pain medicine did not work. Now with Dr. P. and the help of God pain is tolerable."

Phyllis’ Testimony

"Advised by friends that I should go see Dr. P. after a fainting spell in February 2012 I went in and carefully followed all of his directions. My family and friends were amazed at how fast I was able to go out without having fainting spells. Then, just as I was getting better and was no longer woozy while getting off the table, my husband and I decided to move to CA. I continued to do as Dr. P. said, followed all of his directions and found doctors he recommended. Last year was quite the ordeal with the move and the death of my husband! But since then I have learned to lift my stress and anxiety up and let them go."

"I miss the way Dr. P. takes his patients so personally, the natural healing therapy he provides and the family atmosphere he and his staff create in the office. So whenever I am back in town I stop in and they find a way to accommodate my travel schedule so I can have another session with Dr. Padelford!"